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As with most games at a casino, trends in poker are continually changing the competitive landscape of the game. Among such factors are the regulatory landscape, technology, and public perception of the game.


Sep 23, 2020 The online gambling industry is no exception as online casinos are implementing new forms of technology. For instance, most companies are now shifting to cashless payments, allowing customers to make digital and mobile transactions. Although it has not yet fully been incorporated, it is, without a doubt, a trend to monitor. “With a screaming desire for diversity and inclusion in the design industry on the forefront, I predict a brilliant mosaic of global designers and their work being more proudly displayed, supported, and sold!” says New York-based designer and Veranda contributing editor Joy Moyler. “This will add needed vibrancy to the industry.

These three factors in particular influence how widespread the game is played, along with which strategies are used in the game to achieve results and develop an edge over opponents.

In the past, poker and gambling, in general, were illegal in many states. These regulations greatly impacted the adoption of the game. The trend today, and one that is likely to continue into 2020 is that government regulations are loosening.

While there are some exceptions to this, most states are becoming more accepting of poker and gambling in general. As these local regulations become less intense, the game is much more likely to become more widely adopted. The loosening of these regulations also serves to undermine any stigma that gambling has in the mind of consumers.

While in the past, gambling was thought of as an irresponsible waste of time and money, created for people that weren’t smart enough to realize that, this perception has changed to a remarkable degree. We can see how public perception has shifted towards thinking of it as a game made for brainiacs and high rollers that are capable of doing the mental gymnastics necessary to gain an edge over opponents. This shift in perception is likely to continue as poker becomes more adopted in the media.

In large part, this shift in public perception began due to the popularization of televised poker. Programming like the World Poker Tour brought the game into the living room of Americans across the country.

Moreover, it helped tell a story. Viewers of these programs heard about the background of a diverse cast of players. It put a face to the game and made it compelling for average people.

As Lucien Marinescu of Online Casino Gems stated, “People aren’t just interested in poker. They are interested in the stories of the players at the table. As media becomes more easily distributed through the rise of online streaming companies, these stories will likely be even more widely seen in 2020, further popularizing the game to an American and global audience.”

Regulations often follow public perception. As the perception of poker continues to improve, regulations are more likely to loosen.

One area in which regulations have historically been quite tight is when it comes to online poker. This leads us to our next point. Online poker has experienced a rapid growth in popularization and adoption that is likely to continue into 2020. This can be seen by looking at the growth of many companies focused on online gambling.

Bovada is one example that proves it - the industry is moving online. Check out this review by Gambling News Magazine.

Online casinos have made poker available to virtually every one of age with an internet connection. As the population becomes more comfortable using the internet and digital tools, online poker will continue to grow in 2020.

The adoption of online poker has also influenced how the game is played. Minion slot guide hypixel skyblock. Playing online emphasizes certain aspects of the game and deemphasizes others. While playing online, being able to do mathematical calculations quickly becomes more important. This is especially the case when you consider that many top online players are playing several hands at once.

As online poker becomes more widely adopted these aspects of the game will likely become even more crucial in 2020. Meanwhile, the ability to read physical tells from opponents could well become less relevant to the game.

Related to this trend, is the implementation of software in the game of poker. As poker continues to shift to online platforms, the software will become more widely implemented in the game. This means that computer specialists and programmers will become more enabled to use their skills to gain an edge. Rich casino no deposit bonus codes 2020.

In fact, as this article from Forbes explains, artificial intelligence, in particular, could well become a more important part of the game in 2020. This comes as no surprise as machine learning software has the ability to work with large quantities of data extremely quickly and efficiently.

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In recent years, poker has also gained international recognition and acclaim through its popularization in Hollywood. Through movies like the James Bond blockbuster Casino Royale, many people that previously had not played the game became intrigued. Other casual players who did not play often were motivated to play more to emulate Daniel Craig’s high rolling portrayal of Bond.


This trend is likely to continue into 2020 as poker becomes more popular in Hollywood movies and popular culture. This is especially true considering that American pop culture references are increasingly exported internationally. This means that international audiences will become interested in the game, and because of modern technology, they will be able to play online easily.

Another consequence of the popularization of online poker is that the game is becoming more closely linked to online gaming and nerd culture in general. This is also true of traditional games like Chess that are now being adopted by a younger demographic as they become popular online. As poker is increasingly played online, it will similarly continue to be adopted by a younger demographic in 2020.

As much as the internet provides a new platform for playing the game, it also provides a new platform for distributing and popularizing the game to new demographics. The internet will allow for the game to be naturally exported to gamers around the globe that might not have been interested in playing in casinos.

Real-money gaming, including online poker, is a specific aspect of online gaming that has unique characteristics as this article by Techcrunch explains.

Given the rise in popularity in online gaming and esports, this means that poker as a game will likely become more widely played in 2020, as the internet continues to offer an efficient way of distributing the game to new audiences.

Poker Industry Trends 2020

There are many promising trends for the game of poker that seem to point to the growing popularity and adoption of this classic game.

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